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Nicole Corritore – Journalist and Press officer

From 1992 to 2000 Nicole worked in international and decentralised cooperation projects in Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. From 1992 to 1996 she worked on external affairs for Radio Popolare Network. She is interested in environmental and cooperation issues. She is a journalist and manages relations with the Italian and South-East European media, as well as with the press offices of local bodies and institutions, NGOs, associations, etc. She speaks fluent Serbo-Croatian and joined Osservatorio in 2001.

Articles by Nicole Corritore

25 years in search of Selma

09/07/2020 -  Nicole Corritore

Selma Musić disappeared in 1995 during the capture of Srebrenica. She was 7. In 2019, her parents discovered in a photo that she had arrived safely on the territory of the Federation. A glimpse of hope to continue their search

Zecovi, the quest for justice

12/09/2019 -  Nicole Corritore

On July 25th, 1992, 150 civilians were killed in the Bosniak village of Zecovi, a few kilometres from Prijedor. Among them 29 relatives of Fikret Bačić, who returned to Bosnia at the end of the war to search for their bodies and bring those responsible to trial. On the day of the commemoration of the massacre, we collected his testimony

Depleted uranium: a state crime

09/05/2019 -  Nicole Corritore

Two more victims among the Italian soldiers who participated in missions in the Balkans and were exposed to depleted uranium. According to the Military Observatory, to date 366 are dead and 7,500 sick. Now Serbia has also set up a commission of inquiry

Bjelave's children: mother and son find each other

26/11/2018 -  Nicole Corritore

Amer is one of the 46 children from the Bjelave orphanage taken away from the siege of Sarajevo in July 1992 to be hosted in Milan. At the end of the war, instead of returning home, he was given up for adoption although his parents were alive. After 26 years, his search for his biological mother has finally ended

Bjelave children: the story of Amer and Alen

16/10/2018 -  Nicole Corritore

Kenan and Haris Hasanagić searched for years for traces of Amer and Alen Ljuša, their two cousins who left Sarajevo in 1992, together with other children from the Bjelave orphanage, to be sheltered in Italy. Instead of being returned to Bosnia at the end of the war, they were given up for adoption. They finally met last summer, with the help of OBCT. An interview with Kenan Hasanagić

Bjelave's children: looking for Sedina

25/09/2018 -  Nicole Corritore

Our investigation continues on the dramatic case of the 46 children from the Bjelave orphanage in Sarajevo. The second part of the interview with human rights activist Jagoda Savić, who has been dealing with the case since 2000

The Bjelave children: the case is still open

21/09/2018 -  Nicole Corritore

During the siege, 46 children from the Sarajevo orphanage were sheltered in Italy. Although not all of them were orphans, they were not repatriated, but given up for adoption. Some of the biological parents have been looking for them for years. An interview with human rights activist Jagoda Savić, who has been dealing with the case since 2000

Bjelave children: the search continues

20/09/2018 -  Nicole Corritore

On July 18th, 1992, a convoy of children, picked up from the Bjelave orphanage, left Sarajevo under siege. 46 never returned to Bosnia: they were given up for adoption, despite living biological parents. A tragic story, re-emerged from the dark

Srebrenica: at Dule's restaurant

04/03/2015 -  Nicole Corritore Srebrenica

After the war, Dule was one of the first Bosniaks to return to Srebrenica, where he opened his restaurant. One year after his death, his son Avdo traces the family history

Croatia: GMOs? No, thank you!

23/05/2014 -  Nicole Corritore

The European debate on the authorization for cultivating Pioneer 1507 corn has raised fears in the youngest country of the Union, where all regions have declared themselves "GMO free"

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