North Macedonia: Borce Stamenov, the solidal programmer

15/09/2021 -  Aleksandar Samardjiev Tetovo

With the pandemic and online lessons, it turned out that many families in North Macedonia do not own and cannot afford a computer, but someone had already noticed and started to do something about it

Romania: school starts in presence, with the usual chronic problems

16/09/2021 -  Mihaela Iordache

Last Monday, three million students started school in presence despite the fourth wave of Covid-19. In rural areas, 40% of institutions has no sewers

Census in Croatia: certification of the population decline

13/09/2021 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

"Croatia is aging, this is the message that the census will give us. But this will not alarm the government which, like a firefighter, is just going to put out the fires". On the day of the start of the general census in Croatia, we interviewed demographer Marin Strmota

Serbia: the government's hypocritical dialogue with civil society

14/09/2021 -  Vukašin Obradović

"It makes no sense for civil society to spend time helping the state devise a strategy that will never be applied. In a country where the rule of law does not exist, there is no point in adopting new laws and strategies". A meeting with Maja Stojanovic, director of Građanske inicijative

Unemployment and inequalities: the pandemic penalises the youngest

02/09/2021 -  Gianluca De Feo

High unemployment rates, increasingly apparent inequalities, and the digital divide. In the WB6, the crisis risks leaving young people behind and provoking a new wave of migration, but it could also offer new opportunities to revive economies

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Turkey, growing intolerance for migrants

23/08/2021 -  Filippo Cicciù Istanbul

In Turkey, the recent violence against Syrians in the Altındağ district, in the province of Ankara, has raised the thermometer of intolerance. New migrations from Afghanistan could exasperate the situation

The pandemic and young people in the Balkans

26/08/2021 -  Gianluca De Feo

The Covid-19 restrictive measures in the Balkans risk putting young people – a segment of the population that has been in constant demographic decline for years – in even more difficulty. A look at the pandemic and the state of the vaccination campaign in the Balkans for the youngest population

Armenia, babies lost in the adoption system

20/08/2021 -  Armine Avetysian Yerevan

An illegal adoption system was uncovered in Armenia in 2019. Many vulnerable women were misled and persuaded to give up their children, who were later adopted by foreigners.Today, many women are looking for those children

Selective abortion: in Montenegro is still alive

19/08/2021 -  Angela Perissinotto

Sex-selective abortion and son preference are still alive in Montenegro. We talked about that with Diana Dubrovska, a young Latvian anthropologist interested in sex, gender, and sexuality issues who is teaching at Riga Stradins University