Adriatic-Ionian Region: in search of ecological corridors

27/01/2022 -  Maria Francesca Rita

Green infrastructure, ecological corridors. What are they and how could they contribute to improving the environment in the Adriatic-Ionian region? We talked about it with Senad Oprasic, head of the environmental protection department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordinator of one of the thematic areas of EUSAIR

EU Track and Trace: the €100m failure

19/01/2022 -  Álvaro Merino

Despite European hopes being invested in the technology, contact tracing apps have only succeeded in tracking 5% of registered cases since they were introduced in the EU. The lack of public confidence in the scheme has proven to be an insurmountable hurdle

Tourism in Croatia: the contribution of European cohesion policies

18/01/2022 -  Klaudijo Klaser

Between 2014 and 2020, a significant portion of the funds granted by the EU cohesion policy in Croatia went on training, with numerous projects focused on the tourism sector

Early childhood in Kosovo: learning from food

18/01/2022 -  Davide Sighele

Food is culture, memory but also chemistry, anthropology, mathematics. And kitchens can – and should – be the focus of the educational project of preschools. We interviewed Paola Cavazzoni, managing director of Pause Atelier dei Sapori, after her experience in Kosovo

Bosnia and Herzegovina: how to organise territorial representation and effectiveness?

14/01/2022 -  Bojan Vlaški

How can the federal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina become more effective? Some proposals by Bojan Vlaški, professor of Law at Banja Luka University. A contribution to the debate we are gathering on the BiH reforms

EU cohesion: the great erasure of gender equality

11/01/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

The pandemic has accentuated the gender inequalities existing in the EU member states. Things were never great, but an analysis of the last financial period 2014-2020 of cohesion policies highlights how little has been done in this field

Rights at work: together, beyond borders, is better

07/01/2022 -  Chiara Martini

Two cases – the Right2Water campaign and the protests of Ryanair pilots – show how important transnational alliances are for the affirmation of workers' rights. We talked about it with Imre Szabo, Darragh Golden, and Graham Finlay

North Macedonia and migrants, a story of solidarity

03/01/2022 -  Aleksandar Samardjiev Tetovo

In recent years, thousands of refugees and migrants have crossed North Macedonia towards the heart of the EU. Many received help from Lence Zdravkin, who transformed her home in Veles into an oasis of solidarity and comfort

Assisted reproduction in 43 European countries: not for all

23/12/2021 -  Eva BelmonteMaría Álvarez Del VayoÁngela BernardoCarmen TorrecillasAntonio Hernández Madrid

Access to assisted reproduction is very difficult for trans, intersex people, and single women in Europe. In addition to the legal barriers, they face economic stumbling blocks: most public health systems cover only part of the costs, they have very long wait lists or narrow access criteria

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitutional crisis: Is this time different?

23/12/2021 -  Maja Sahadžić

As the situation in Bosnia escalates, Dr Maja Sahadžić, University of Antwerp, gives her take on the long-running constitutional crisis in the region