Capacity Building for Trainers and Teachers: Learning the Blended Way

The general objective of the project is the development of skills of trainers and teachers in the educational and social field for the transition to blended learning. Given the constraints of the current pandemic and the growing relevance of online training, the project aims to adapt existing training programmes to a form of blended learning, face-to-face and online. The project partners - Organizatia Umanitara CONCORDIA (OUC) in Romania as lead partner, Centre for International Cooperation (CCI) in Italy, and Human Rights Campus (HRC) in the Netherlands - have extensive experience in training, including online and blended. A new component will be the structured development of a programme for trainers that allows to manage the learning of the target group in mixed mode.




Project title: Capacity Building for Trainers and Teachers: Learning the Blended Way

Financer: Erasmus + Programme

Duration: 01.12.2020 - 30.11.2022

Objective of the project:

The project aims to increase the availability of quality blended learning offers, face-to-face and online, in Romania, the Netherlands and Italy. The underlying idea is to develop new competences for teachers and trainers working in the social field. The current context invites more than ever to take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology and at the same time shows us the importance of a "warm" and personalised educational relationship. Training curricula and working tools for the construction of blended courses will be designed and tested according to the needs of the organisations and professionals involved in the project.

Lead partner institutionCONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization - Romania

Project partnersHuman Rights Campus  - The Netherland; Centre for International Cooperation  - Italy

Expected results:

The project foresees the elaboration of the following intellectual outputs:

  • Development of a curriculum for the training of trainers;
  • Development of a manual for trainers and a set of innovative tools necessary for the transition to blended learning;
  • Development of a course curriculum for teachers and trainers in vocational education;
  • Development of a set of innovative tools in the field of blended learning for teachers and trainers;
  • Development of a guide for organisations interested in making the transition from classical to blended learning.

By the end of the project:

  • 58 professionals from Romania, Italy and the Netherlands will be involved in education and training, enriching their skills in planning, content delivery and evaluation in the field of blended learning;
  • 13 of them will benefit from the Training of Trainers (ToT) course and will carry out training activities at international level;
  • more than 400 teachers/trainers and more than 200 organisations and institutions in the field, at European level, will be involved in the project results.

Expected impact: Increased quality of blended learning programmes developed by project participants and other professionals who access the project results.

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Monday 26 April 2021

Learning the Blended Way