CCI - International Cooperation Centre (Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale), an association with legal personality, established pursuant to art. 9bis of the Provincial Law 4/2005 in order to design and deliver training, capacity building and context analysis in particular on the themes of development cooperation, peace, human rights, European integration and sustainable local development, with registered and operating offices in Trento in vicolo San Marco 1


A public selection procedure is launched with comparative curricular evaluation and possible interviews, for the assignment of nr. 1 highly specialized consultancy contract to an expert with specific experience in coordination activities for the role of liaison manager and advisor to Libyan municipalities within the REBUILD project, with implementation of tasks mainly in Italy, Libya and Tunisia.


REBUILD is a project aiming at strengthening local public services in Libya through a permanent training mechanism delivered by Libyan universities to Libyan municipalities.

The core idea of the proposed intervention is precisely to activate an endogenous, sustainable, decentralized, continuous learning system for Libyan Municipalities, through: a) the establishment of partnerships between Libyan municipalities and foreign municipalities; b) the provision to Libyan municipalities of a long-term training programme co-designed by European partners in cooperation with Libyan Universities and delivered by the Libyan Universities.

The permanent exchange between Universities and Municipalities and among Municipalities of different areas of the country and from abroad are the ways to achieve tailor-made training as well as to share best practices and build a coordinated territorial approach to local development.

REBUILD takes place within the framework of the Nicosia Initiative and is co-funded by the European Commission through the European Neighborhood Instrument.

REBUILD is coordinated by the Autonomous Province of Trento in partnership with the 10 Libyan municipalities (Az-zawiya, Benghazi, Beni Walid, Gharyan, Sebha, Sirte, Tobruk, Tripoli Centre, Zintan, and Zliten), the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the International Cooperation Centre as an affiliated entity.


The project structure is based on three Activities:

  • Training: creation of a decentralized continuous learning system for Libyan municipalities 1 structured around a curriculum based on a Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD). 10 Libyan universities are trained to deliver specific courses to local administrators of the 10 municipalities (Training of Trainers);
  • Community of practices: establishment of a community of practises in territorial sustainable development between Libyan municipalities and local/international partners;
  • 2 Pilot projects: implementation of two pilot projects promoting local economic development and strengthening local public services in the fields of fishery and sustainable waste management, where to apply knowledge and skills on project design and implementation acquired thanks to the capacity building activities;

The implementation of project activities has started on the 1st April 2021 and will last 48 months.

Within the framework of the project, the International Cooperation Centre is responsible for the following activities:

  • Training and capacity building activities;
  • Communication activities;
  • Support the Autonomous Province of Trento in project management and networking with Libyan co-applicants (partners).


1. Tasks of the assignment

Subject of this notice is the assignment of a technical assistance contract for the role of Liaison Manager and Advisor to Libyan municipalities (hereby called “Liaison Manager”) within the REBUILD project (GA: NEAR-TS/2020/422-410; CUP: C69J20001020006).

In order to facilitate the implementation of REBUILD, given the complexity of the context where the Action intervenes, the Action will identify partners for liaison with Lybian municipalities, universities (sub-grantees) and national authorities. The Liaison Manager will participate in the project Steering Committee and will be in charge of:

  • liaising between European partners and Libyan municipalities facilitating the establishment and the development of smooth relations;
  • providing institutional support at political level in Libya;
  • suggesting ways out in case of problems arising during project’s implementation;
  • linking different international stakeholders working in the same area of action to facilitate resources and impact optimization.


The list of activities is purely indicative and not exhaustive. The assignment may therefore include other complementary and/or similar activities to those described so far that may become necessary.

Services covered by this contract will be offered in the context of a consultancy relationship that will not have the character of employment and will involve the execution of the activity by the person in charge without observing a specific time-frame and with the use of its own independent and distinct working tools.


2. Exclusion and selection criteria

2.1 Exclusion criteria

1. S/He shall fully enjoy civil and political rights.

2. S/He shall not fall into any situation of exclusion listed in the Declaration on Honour which is here enclosed in Annex 1 an integral part of this announcement.

3. S/He shall not have any conflict of interest with the International Cooperation Centre.


2.2 Selection criteria:

  1. S/He shall have qualification referred to in the new university system D.M. 270 of 22 October 2004, or a Specialist Degree (L.S.) or a Degree of the Old System obtained in Italy or abroad, or a qualification recognized as equivalent by the Italian State;
  2. S/He shall have carried out, in the last fifteen to twenty years, cooperation activities with Libya and/or with other MENA Region countries;
  3. S/He shall have outstanding experience in supporting Libyan and/or MENA region local authorities in establishing partnerships and international relations as well as in project set-up and implementation in a context of instability and post-conflict;
  4. S/He shall have excellent knowledge of the local context, especially of up-to-date situations on the ground which might be conflict sensitive;
  5. Excellent knowledge of Italian, English and Arabic languages;
  6. Proficient knowledge and ability of use of the Internet and the main MS Office applications;
  7. Immediate availability to take over the assignment.

The prescribed requirements shall be met on the expiry date of the deadline set out in this notice for the submission of applications, under penalty of exclusion from the procedure.


3. Duration and fee

The assignment referred to in this notice will take effect upon the signing of the contract and will expire on March 31st, 2025 with the possibility of written extension if the International Cooperation Centre deems a reasoned interest.

The flat-rate and all-inclusive fee is equal to € 240,000.00 intended as a spending limit to be borne by the International Cooperation Centre (including any ancillary charges, e.g. contributions, travel, board and lodging).

Reimbursement of travel, board and lodging expenses may be considered, exclusively in the case of missions specifically requested and authorized by the International Cooperation Centre in particular for attending project Steering Committee Meetings (8 meetings: 4 on-line, 4 in-presence).

The service will be provided without subordination constraints and without the obligation to respect any working hour; the person in charge is expected in any case to ensure the achievement of the agreed working objectives.


4. Application procedure

Experts wishing to apply in the context of this selection must submit the following documentation by the peremptory deadline of June 27 2021, at 13:00 pm (date of receipt):

  1. A motivation letter
  2. A Curriculum Vitae drawn up on a standard Europass model, mentioning the professional and educational qualifications possessed, and testifies the professional capacity and experience gained;
  3. The declaration on honour duly signed certifying that s/he does complies with the criteria envisaged above (Annex 1 integral part of the announcement).

Applicants are invited to fill in the requested documents indicating precisely titles and experiences able to meet the indicated criteria.

Applications documents shall be submitted:

  1. by ordinary e-mail (PEO) with a reading receipt to the International Cooperation Centre email address, with one PDF scan of the three signed documents;
  2. by certified e-mail (PEC), to the International Cooperation Centre certified e-mail address, with one PDF scan of the three signed documents.


PEC emails will be dated according to the receipt of submission indicated by the PEC service provider, PEO emails will be dated according to the receipt of the addressee.

The subject of the email must bear the words "PUBLIC NOTICE FOR THE SELECTION OF A HIGHLY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL FOR THE LIAISON MANAGER OF THE REBUILD PROJECT - expires on June 27, 2021 at 13.00 pm".

Applications submitted after the deadline, not complete or without signature will be not considered.


5. Selection procedure and award criteria

The selection procedure will only be accessed by candidates who meet all the required criteria and whose application will comply with this notice.

The verification of the possession of the requirements and the evaluation of the applications will be carried out by a commission appointed by the CCI Director General, made up of three members, one of which in a Secretary role.

For the comparative evaluation of the curricula, the Commission will have a total score of 50 points and will take into account in particular:

  • Working experience in Libya and/or in the MENA region with national and international organizations (20/50);
  • Working experience in international networking among local authorities (20/50);
  • Working experience in activities similar to that of the post to be filled (10/50).

If it deems it necessary, the Commission may invite candidates for an interview in order to countercheck the experiences or knowledge declared and the attitude to the position in relation to the subject of the assignment. Only applicants gaining a score of 30/50 or more for the experiences reported in the CV maybe interviewed. The interview may assign a score up to additional 50 points.

In consideration of the requirements and limitations determined by the measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, the body reserves the right to conduct the interviews by means of telematic communication systems.

The International Cooperation Centre reserves the right to grant the assignment even in the presence of only one candidacy, as long as it is suitable, as well as reserves the right, if the applications received within the deadline set out in this notice are inadequate, to acquire further candidates.

Requests for further information on this notice can be sent to the e-mail address:, by June 22, 2021 at 13.00 pm.


6. Contracting

The International Cooperation Centre will arrange and stipulate the contract with the selected candidate who will be paid the salary provided for in this notice. The assignment will be managed in compliance with the procedures provided for by the Italian reference standards.

The publication of this notice does not bind the International Cooperation Centre in any way in the assignment of the contract. Until the signing of the assignment, the International Cooperation Centre may revoke this procedure at its sole discretion without the competitors having any rights whatsoever.


General information

This notice, the outcome of the selection and the assignment of the contract will be published on the International Cooperation Centre website in the homepage. The publication has the value of notification for all legal purposes.

Trento, 10 June 2021



Annex 1: Declaration on Honour



Giovedì, 10 Giugno 2021

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