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On 10 November 2020 the guns fell silent after yet another round of hostilities in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, leaving, according to some estimates, 5000 dead. This will be added to the 30,000 who perished some two decades before, fighting the same fight.

In this webinar we aim to look forward and to work towards a solution where a new round of hostilities will not take place. To do this, we aim to answer questions, such as

○ What is the state of play as regards the implementation of the trilateral agreement?
○ For how long is the status quo sustainable?
○ How can international actors contribute to a sustainable dialogue?
○ Is the EU willing to adopt and develop a credible policy for the South Caucasus? 

 The European Union can and must take action to support peace and stability in the region, especially as there are others who actively seek to destabilize it.

At this webinar we will hear voices from Azerbaijan and Armenia, from European Union as well as from elsewhere.

– Viola von Cramon – European Parliament
– Heidi Hautala – Vice-President of the European Parliament

PANEL I – 14:00: Perspectives from local and national level

– Larissa Minasian, former Executive Director of Open Society Foundations-Armenia
– Ramazan Samadov, Secretary General of the Association of Young Azerbaijani Professionals in Europe
– Mr Luc Devigne, Deputy Managing Director for Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, Regional cooperation and OSCE European External Action Service

PANEL II: 15:15 Role of the EU and the international community

– Toivo Klaar, Designated European Union Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia
– Paolo Bergamaschi, Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa
– Olesya Vartanyan, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for the South Caucasus
– Zaur Shiriyev, Royal Institute of International Affairs in London

The webinar will be streamed on Facebook and on Zoom (Register now  to the webinar).

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